Why the name Fountain9

The endless and continuous flow of water from a fountain represents infinity and the number 9 in numerology represents wisdom and knowledge. Putting the two together, our company name Fountain9 stands for eternal flow of knowledge and we are set out on a journey to build products that stand by this motto.


How we got here

The world is drowning in data but starving for insights. In spite of recognizing the importance of data-driven decisions, many organizations are unable to transform data into actionable information due to the lack of right talent and tools.

Extracting actionable insights from large, complex data sets is still very challenging and manual, and even the sharpest of analytical minds are busy performing repetitive and manual analysis. As a consequence, business decisions are still heavily biased by human judgement and guesswork.


We saw a need to change this current state of enterprise analytics. That’s when we decided to embrace these challenges and founded Fountain9.

Where we are going


We are a group of data scientists and engineers with ideas that we hope will contribute towards making organizations smarter. We are designing AI powered analytics products that will automate large chunks of data analyses and insights discovery, offer conversational analytics and allow both technical and business users to collaborate on building a knowledge warehouse. We are excited about this adventure of helping organizations leverage their data in the right way so they can achieve greater success and do their most important work more effectively.


Our flagship product, Kronoscope is our contribution to allow businesses to look ahead in time. With Kronoscope, retailers can predict demand of their products in every store, warehouse or channel accurately so they never run out of stock and at the same time prevent inventory pile ups. It can also predict their sales and revenue projections, track performance and surface business areas that are the biggest pain points. 

We have just gotten started on this journey. Watch out this space to learn about many more exciting products in future.