Introducing fountain9

Accelerating the data revolution by unifying human and machine intelligence

The world is drowning in data but starving for insights due to scarcity of analytical manpower. fountain9 is building AI powered enterprise analytical products that will automate knowledge discovery and democratize analytics, helping companies extract more value from their data and reach their full potential.

How We Got Here

Having worked at some of the most data savvy companies, we realized that data assets in many organizations are highly underutilized and analytical projects are riddled with inefficiencies.

Analysts are busy performing repetitive and manual analysis instead of spending time on high impact, high value work. Searching insights from large, complex data sets becomes challenging due to limitations of the human brain that can only evaluate handful of attributes at a time. Insights reside in slides and spreadsheets, and are often forgotten over time.

We saw a need to change the current state of enterprise analytics. That’s when we decided to embrace these challenges which we also ourselves faced, and founded fountain9.

Where We Are Going

We are a group of entrepreneurs and engineers with an idea that we hope will contribute towards making organizations smarter. We are designing AI powered analytics products that will automate a large chunk of data analysis and insights discovery, offer google search like capabilities for conversational analytics and allow both technical and business users to collaborate on building a knowledge warehouse.

With fountain9, retailers would be able to identify key growth opportunities, discover trending products and optimize their marketing spend. Investors could analyze hidden patterns in financial markets. Manufacturers could benefit from predictive maintenance triggers. Police could uncover emerging crime hotspots. Medical practitioners could predict disease outbreaks, preempt critical health conditions and unravel many more medical mysteries.  

We want to help organizations leverage their data assets in the right way so they can achieve greater success and do their most important work more effectively.

The fountain9 Team


Niki Khokale

Co-Founder & CEO


Rajas Lonkar

Co-Founder & CTO

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We are in the early stages of building our product. Contact us to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.


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