We are excited to explore how we can add value to your demand sensing and inventory planning approach

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We are here to help food businesses win without waste

Eliminate out-of-stock losses

When your demand is high, but availability is low;
it is a sad state, indeed! Out-of-stocks take away 8% - 15% of your top line.
Calculate your Out-of-Stock Losses
Front view of an empty grocery store with empty aisles and racks and a floating mobile view of an E-commerce platform selling fruits
Front view of a grocery store overstocked with goods and a floating mobile view of a E-commerce platform selling vegetables

Don’t stock what you won’t sell

You can't be a lean machine when you're carrying the dead weight of overstocked inventory. High inventory cost is weighing 20% - 25% heavier on your bottom line.

Calculate your revenue loss and working capital waste from mismanaged inventory

Annual Revenue
(in USD millions)*
No. of Warehouses + DCs + Stores*
Sum of all your warehouses, distribution-centers & stores
No. of SKUs*
Avg days on hand*
Average number of days that your inventory remains in stock
Margin %*

Your missed opportunities

Your potential out-of-stock losses (annual)
Your potential inventory cost (annual)
Make this a Reality

Kronoscope's Impacts

Estimated Incremental Revenue (annual)
Estimated Inventory Cost Savings (annual)
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Introducing Kronoscope

Knock out the age old problem of stockouts and waste with Kronoscope’s stellar new approach to demand and inventory planning.

Your top line doesn’t like out-of-stock losses, neither does our AI.
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Kronoscope platform with factor like weather, promotions and seasons listed on top and a browser view with tabs like demand predicting gragh and pricing and promotion impact graphs

Why Food Businesses love Kronoscope

AI-Powered demand sensing
Achieve unmatched demand prediction accuracy by incorporating the impact of holidays, anomalies, waste, cannibalization, and more
Real time impact of promotions
Maximize your revenue by simulating pricing and promotion scenarios considering your business constraints
End-to-end Inventory optimization
Grow your business with the ultimate combo of accurate demand and continuous supply optimization
Machine + Human collaboration
Design your master game plan by bringing together the best of your business brains with Kronoscope’s advanced algorithms

Effective day-to-day inventory operations made seamless with Kronoscope

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The customers we serve

Don't just take our word for it

The thing that stood out for us is an ability to plan and measure the impact of our promotions across all our categories & SKUs. Post Fountain9, we now make efficient quantitative decisions related to additional inventory we need to plan for during our promotions.
VP Operations, Retail Grocery Chain
With Fountain9’s accurate demand predictions we are able to predict our day to day demand across all our dark stores, with ease. Planning for holidays and events is also pretty smooth. They seamlessly connect demand and supply planning which has made our procurement process very efficient.
Demand planner, Leading e-Commerce Grocery Company

Why we're doing this?

About 1.3 billion tonnes of food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted every year [ Study by UNEP].

Food businesses have a huge role to play in shaping the future. From “what they sell” to “how they sell”, we investigate, recreate and pave the path to superior inventory operations for our partners. We do this by scrapping inept-outdated-manual systems — and embracing future tech. 

We are a team that cares about tomorrow and looks forward to the elbow grease needed to save the planet. And, while today we solve it for one company at a time, we hope to replicate and scale our efforts to a grander level. 
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