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Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Productivity that reflects in business outcomes

best demand planning software

Benefits you’ll enjoy with our S&OP planning

Collaborate in Real Time

Leave behind long email threads and unwanted meetings

Get fast & laser-sharp demand and inventory plans for sales, marketing and operations teams to collaborate and be in perfect synchrony with our S&OP feature.
Knowledge Repository

Don’t let tacit knowledge leave your company

Build a knowledge base for long term rewards and effortless planning with our natural language insights, and user-friendly scenario planning.
Work by Exception

Know where your insights bring in that X-Factor

We present scenarios that would benefit from your inputs and on-ground business knowledge.
Human + A.I.

The best of both the worlds

Kronoscope brings unparalleled intuition and automation to your business. Combined with your expertise, you’ll have a near seamless operation at your fingertips.

Reimagine S&OP with

up to
reduced planning time
up to
2 hours back
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Team trust

Maximized productivity = Maximum returns

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