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Deliver at lightning speed with accurate daily demand predictions and replenishment planning. 

Get your evolving product assortment and supplier recommendations right as fast as your promised customer delivery time.

Look ahead into future out-of-stock losses and overstocking levels across each node of your distribution and mitigate your business risks with our control tower feature.

Benefits you’ll enjoy

End Customer

Dynamically changing customer needs impact demand for various products.

Kronoscope Impact
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Achieve higher fill rates with granular level demand prediction.

Get visibility into your customer demand for all your products across distribution nodes with our bottom up approach to demand sensing.

Dark Stores

The current need for a complex (dark) store/micro FC  network makes predicting manually at each node chaotic.
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Real time pricing and clearance strategies at the tip of your fingers.

Predict demand for each SKU and bundle  across different geographies and dark stores adjusted for out-of-stock days, PDP views, seasonality, promotions & various demand drivers.

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Procurement planning with piecemeal solutions is complex when planning daily from warehouse to dark store/FC level.
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Brings all functions together to refine plans on a single tab.

Optimize procurement & replenishment planning for quick turnaround with a set of automated supply plans & suppliers recommended by the platform basis lead times, fill rates..


Procure only what you can sell FRESH and optimize your purchase price with higher prediction accuracy
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Dynamic Safety stock & inventory norms to meet the dynamic nature of our present world.

Preempt and prevent your risks with our out-of-stock loss and food waste dashboards and delight your customers with the freshest products.

Moving the needle towards a stronger top and bottom line with

up to
uplift in demand prediction accuracy
reduction in stock out occurrences
15% - 25%
improvement in promotion linked predictions

Get unmatched demand-prediction accuracy

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