We are excited to explore how we can add value to your demand sensing and inventory planning approach

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Purchase & Replenishment Planning

Stock what sells! 
Dodge what doesn’t

Kronoscope Demand Sensing Module

Benefits you’ll enjoy

Inventory Optimization

Dynamic safety stock guiding your purchase and replenishment

Kronoscope has turned the table, by applying Dynamic TOC toAI-generated demand predictions. Thereby continuously optimizing your safety stock and inventory norms.
Flexible Procurement

Every purchasing strategy is uniquely tailored, all you have to do is pick one

Prefer a scheduled or a duration-based plan? Or keen to give the Kronoscope recommendation a go? Various strategies with a 2-click execution.
Multi-Echelon Planning

Every node is vital, and an effective replenishment plan keeps them optimally stocked

An effective replenishment plan for maximum profit, optimized for the right inventory for your customer’s needs.
The Control Tower

Know your risks with proactive alerts on future stockouts and excess inventory

Liquidate the overstocked and replenish the understocked. Thereby avoiding imbalance and waste, and maintaining parity and availability.

Moving the needle towards a stronger top and bottom line with

up to
higher availability
15% - 40%
reduction in food waste
up to
faster fulfillments

Know what sells where, so you’re always there for your customers

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