Demand Sensing & Forecasting

Achieve up to 30% uplift in forecast accuracy

  • AI-powered demand sensing using nine demand driver signals

  • Demand prediction accuracy that beats Amazon Forecast 8 out of 10 times

  • See real time impact of promotional events to build data driven inventory plans for future promotional calendar.

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Benefits you’ll enjoy

Nothing stands between you and better demand accuracy

The precision of AI establishes your exact demand to the last unit at any given time; embracing demand drivers such as promotions, holidays, weather, and waste.

The market evolves in the blink of an eye, so does our algorithms

Kronoscope's self-learning AI engine constantly  picks changes in demand using tailored algorithms for every SKU, channel, store, or warehouse within your distribution.

Got a new entrant planned? Kronoscope has you covered

By analyzing look-alikes and substitute products Kronoscope plans your new product launch factoring in cannibalization, pricing and placement.

Sell more with 20% - 30% reduced stockouts

Kronoscope's AI demand sensing engine automates outlier detection and corrects anomalies to give you optimal inventory recommendations.

Moving the needle towards a stronger top and bottom line with

up to
lift in forecast accuracy
up to
reduction in stockouts
15% - 25%
improvement in promotion linked predictions

Get unmatched demand-prediction accuracy

Get An Exclusive 30 min. Demand Sensing Consultation